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Making Every Project a Success Story – Avoiding the Top Ten Pitfalls Many PM Do (November)

Do you know that projects fail at the beginning not at the end as most people think? You can drastically increase your project chances of success by focussing on setting the project up correctly and paying more attention to communication, planning and risk management


Risk Management Best Practices (October)

Risk is an integral part of our personal and business life. As such, Risk Management is a skill that need to be learned and mastered to help us manage and enjoy our lives and our projects. This is what this session is all about, risk awareness and understanding
Did you know that 70-90 % of the risks that we face on construction projects are predictable and preventable?


Team Building Skills (October)

Building healthy and effective teams in workplaces is essential to survive changes, challenges and to complete projects successfully. Regardless of what you do, each one of us is part of a team. As a team, our level of success is directly dependent upon how well we work together. Working as a team adds synergy i.e 1+1 =3. Healthy and resilient teams will be most prepared for an economic challenges and ongoing organizational dynamics.