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PM-001: Project Management Tools and Techniques

This two-day workshop introduces the participants to the five project management processes of Define, Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Close. Participants will understand and experience first hand how PMI knowledge areas fit together to provide a coherent and integrated approach to managing projects. The workshop is structure to provide participants with an excellent opportunity to immediately apply what they have learned to real-life projects


PM-002: Advanced Issues in Project Management

Advanced issues in Project Management workshop focuses on several high level topics for seasoned project managers, including project auditing, start up meeting, scope management techniques, conducting trade-off analyses, client satisfaction and change order issues


PM-003: Proactive Risk Management Tools and Techniques

Research has proven over and over again that project performance could be improved considerably through the use of Risk Management. This is simply because 70% to 90% of the problems encountered on most projects are predictable and preventable. Risk analyses at the onset of any project will highlight these problems and will increase the chance of completing the project successfully. It will also enable project managers to reduce the time they spend putting out fires.