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CA-001: Construction Contract Administration

This 3-day negotiation workshop is designed by a senior project manager for the benefit and training of project managers. It is based on many years of negotiations with clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and other key project stakeholders. It is much more than an ordinary negotiation course. The instructor combines academic thinking together with practical application and expert advice to arrive at a course that perfectly fits project environment.


CA-002: Building Quality in Construction Contract Administration

It is essential for construction managers to understand the principles and practices of contract administration for construction projects. This course emphasizes the role of the contract administrator in prevention of problems rather than fixing them. It covers the typical procedures and practices. The course takes participants through a journey covering project stages focusing on quality at each stage from contract award through to warranty inspection and end of the warranty period. The course is a MUST to help participants in developing confidence in their construction management skills leading to advancement in their construction career.