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Construction Contract Administration

Contract Administration (CA) is an integral part of project management, because it ensures that facilities are built as documented, and it minimizes the risk of claims. But CA is very challenging for most project managers. To do it well, you need 4 key ingredients: a good contract document, a good construction team, good process, and great communication skills. This workshop covers the last two ingredients: process and communication.

This two-day course takes project managers through a journey from the award of a construction contract to the warranty inspection and follow-up activities. Participants gain a clearer understanding of construction contracts, which will equip them to make timely decisions and take calculated risks. The course is full of real-life examples of contract administration issues and challenges.

Who Should Attend

The course will benefit anyone involved in the administration of construction contracts, or who is becoming involved: project managers, project officers, clients, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, supervisors, and consultants.

Learning Objectives

The course combines lecture, group interaction, case studies, and real court cases – all intended to reinforce your understanding of important contract administration issues.

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Describe and interpret the key General Conditions of construction contracts
  • Demonstrate how to handle key issues related to contract administration
  • Conduct a well-organized start-up meeting
  • Use the contract administration tools properly
  • Save time and effort by taking corrective and preventive actions in a timely manner
  • Enforce contract provisions fairly and firmly
  • Explain how to implement a proactive approach to prevent contract claims

Course Delivery Dates and Times


ECA Learning Center: 10215 – 176 Street, Edmonton, AB


ECA Members and PMI Members $600 (+GST)

Non-Members $780 (+GST)


Attendees of the workshop will earn 14 PDUs over the two days

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For more info about the workshop, please call Dr. Sami Fahmy @ 780 990 9943 or email

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Schedule: Day One

Administrative issues in construction contracts

  • Owner’s roles and responsibilities
  • Contractor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Ten rules for contract interpretation
  • Contract administration philosophy
  • Key General Conditions of the construction contract
  • Learning activities, case studies, and exercises

Post Construction Contract Award Activities

  • Introduction to Contract Administration
  • Contract Award
  • Start-up Meeting
  • Alternatives and substitution
  • Project submittals
  • Shop Drawings Submission and Review
  • Construction insurance and bonding
  • Learning activities, case studies, and exercises

Work Execution and Site activities

  • Project monitoring and control issues: Schedule, Cost, Quality, Safety & Security
  • Communication on-site
  • Learning activities, case studies, and exercises

Schedule: Day Two

Construction Administration Issues

Progress, Substantial completion

  • Progress Inspection and Payment
  • Substantial Certificate & Warranty Certificate
  • Case Studies, Exercises


Record Keeping and File management

  • What records to keep, and why
  • Diaries, Emails, and Photos

Change Order Management

  • Approaches to Change Orders
  • Estimating for Change Orders
  • Causes, effects, and real cost of change orders
  • Impacts of Changes on project schedule
  • Direct and indirect costs of change orders
  • Cumulative impacts of change orders
  • Case Studies & Exercises  

Contract Close Out

  • Final certificate
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty certificate

For more info about the workshop, please

Call Dr. Sami Fahmy @ 780 990 9943 or visit

To Register:

or call Jessica  at 587 773 0899

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