Complementary Initial Professional Assessment

We will be happy to discuss and explore your organizational training needs. We can help by identifying the gap and recommending the best way to fill this gap.

What do most of the employers look for in a training company? Most organizations look for good value, quality service and best of all an excellent course and presenter. What you really look for is somebody that you can trust with your training needs and staff.

Look no further, I would like to assure you that you are placing your interest in good speed. Performance Excellence Institute looks after your reviews and needs, recognizes your challenges, and take pride in exceeding our client needs by providing personalized one on one service. We will be happy to explore your organization training need. We can help identify ways to improve performance and enhance your staff productivity.

We offer a free one-on-one interview to explain how we can help you focus on the most wanted skills for your organization. We help you plan a training program for your staff and will answer all your questions and concerns.  We would then hypothesize all your issues in an easy to understand and apply training

This session is confidential and it is free.

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Project Start-up & Recovery Services

The workshops that PEI offers to clients provide the skills and tools for project start up.  This is meant to assure that our clients successfully and efficiently understand the requirements and steps in starting a project.

Through individual and group case studies and scenarios during the workshop,our clients will learn the steps to take when recovering a project.  PEI will also follow up on the clients after the workshop and will offer support and tips for a successful project.

Project Management Coaching/Mentoring Services

Starting up a new project or completing a troubled project? PEI Staff can help make your job much easier and more enjoyable.

If you wish to reach your maximum potential, PEI has excellent mentors/coaches with extensive practical and useful experience to share with you and provide real life experiences that you can apply to your own projects.

As your coach, I help you identify your strength and weaknesses areas where you need some improvement. We help our clients to develop measurable, achievable, realistic and practical goals. I will help you set your Project management career goals and then hold you accountable for achieving them help you achieve them.  I will help you focus on your own personal development.

As your mentor, I will act as an independent sounding board for your issues and challenges. I will help you explore options and new challenges. I will challenge your thinking and assumptions. I will help you to create new insights and knowledge. The aims of mentoring include:

If face to face mentoring/coaching is not feasible, we can arrange to offer you “Remote Mentoring/Coaching Services” by phone or via “Skype” to suite your needs and time constraints.

Speaking Engagement

We have a variety of great speakers ready and available to participate in your special events. We offer many  PM topics to choose from to suit your special interest and your audience.

Our senior project managers are able to provide your audience with interesting sessions on project management topics that are applicable to your company’s business needs. The sessions are both educational and entertaining.

These professionals will motivate your audience and demonstrate the advantages of using project management approach and techniques in creating realistic and comprehensive project plans and project control strategies to achieve your business goals.

Project Management Services

Performance Excellence Institute offers a wide variety of project management services. In fact Project management is one of our core services. Our goal is to help our clients to deliver excellent services to their customers.

We have been providing project management services for more than a decade. Our services span over a variety of industries including government, construction, and Oil & Gas.

PEI can help your organization to improve your processes and tools to deliver successful projects on time and within budget. Our services include:

  • Project audit
  • Troubleshooting and project recovery
  • Project Management Office (PMO) initiation
  • Planning meeting facilitation
  • Risk management planning facilitation
  • Developing Project Management best practices

Construction Management Services

PEI can make your construction projects easier to manage.

Performance Excellence Institute has provided construction project Management, construction contract administration advisory services, and construction audit consulting services for “Owner” organizations in Alberta for over 7 years. We can assist you too.

These services include:

  • Contract risk Review
  • Project Delivery System selection
  • Project management plan development
  • Neutral participation for Vendor selection
  • Project Reviews
  • Project audit
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Development
  • Project implementation system
  • Project management manual development
  • Construction project management best practices

What value does PEI add to your operations?

  • Reduced project risk
  • Improved project performance
  • Client satisfaction
  • Increased business volume
  • Provide maximum ROI of training costs

Training Gap Analysis Assessment

Training Gap Analysis (TGA) is a technique and process used to determine the steps needed to move forward from and improve the current state to the desired or targeted state.  It is also called Training needs analysis/assessment or Process Re-engineering.  This service will eventually either recommend or establish an Enterprise Wide Project Management System to be used by everybody within the organization.

A detailed training Gap Analysis consists of four main steps:

1.    Defining the present staff competencies

  • Listing performance levels and competencies of your staff
  • Conducting  interviews with staff
  • Conducting interviews with management

2.    Defining the target state

  • Agreeing and listing characteristics of the target state
  • Listing factors required to achieve the target state
  • Listing potential risks for achieving the target state

3.    Identifying and Highlighting the existing gaps

  • Listing characteristics of the existing gaps
  • Listing factors required to achieve each single existing gap
  • Listing potential risks for achieving each single and sub single existing gap

4.    Defining or Finding different ways of fill existing gaps

  • Listing the resources available to problem solve identified problems
  • Listing benefits and risks of different solutions and ways of problem solving pertaining to each existing gap

At PEI we will guide you on how to fill in the GAP.  Our instructors have over 30 years of experience in similar situations.  We will guide you step by step in achieving your desired target, whether it is as simple as obtaining communication skills to as complicated as managing a project.

On-Site Corporate Training Service

We offer on-site training for a full range of courses and workshops.

Performance Excellence Institute offers quite a variety of courses. If you need to train your team members and staff, we can provide in-house workshops customized to meet your company’s needs at affordable great group rates. Most of our interactive training sessions are customized for 12 or more participants.

Onsite workshop delivery offers the following advantages:

  • Sessions and training can be scheduled to avoid impacting organizational on-going operations
  • Group cohesiveness for interaction
  • Participants’ common organizational culture
  • Familiar environment
  • Reduced training costs
  • Common issues for discussions