Project Management Coaching & Mentoring Program

PEIs Coaching and Mentoring Program will help each PM to develop their “art” skills like communications, negotiation, and client relationship management, and in so doing, to improve their effectiveness at project delivery. Our philosophy is an integrated approach that includes t working with processes and tools as well as the the people who use them. If you have an individual or team who has potential, has just been through some process training and needs to implement it effectively or is working on a particularly high-profile project, PEIs coaching and mentoring program might be right for them.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Program has been utilized by many organizations and individuals in a wider variety of situations:

  1. An individual has just been given responsibility for a major project and is not experienced in project management
  2. A team is working on a project but the project is not performing well
  3. An indivudial needs help preparing for a kick-off meeting (KoM)
  4. An individual or team is studying for a credential such as Project Management Professional.
  5. An organization wants to fast-track the development of key individuals