Strategic Planning and Facilitation Assistance

PEI strategic planning and facilitation program is founded on 30+ years of proven result oriented experience. Our facilitators focus on guiding groups and organizations through the processes of developing a shared view of issues, thinking creatively, evaluating options, making choices and decisions, and committing to action. We can help you and your organization in a wide variety of areas including:

  1. Brainstorming sessions for business, marketing or sales solutions
  2. Developing Missing and Vision Statements
  3. Identifying Organizational Goals and Objectives
  4. Strategic Planning, S.W.O.T Analysis for Professional Organizations
  5. Building consensus among team members and stakeholders
  6. Enhancing Team Structures and Functions
  7. Improve Performance and Quality
  8. Develop Action Plans

A facilitated session usually involves 3 to 6 individuals and a minimum of half-a-day to properly address specific issues or topics.