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SC-001: Planning and Scheduling Tools & Techniques

This three day workshop will provide the participants with the knowledge and the skills required to properly develop, implement and maintain a project plan and schedule. It starts with full explanation of the basic concept and principles of project planning then move into highlighting various tools and techniques for the implementation of a project schedule. The workshop will equip the participants with the understanding and the appreciation of how to develop, implement, understand and critique project plans and schedules.


SC-002: Cost Management Tools & Techniques

It is essential for construction managers to understand the principles and practices of contract administration for construction projects. This course emphasizes the role of the contract administrator in prevention of problems rather than fixing them. It covers the typical procedures and practices. The course takes participants through a journey covering project stages focusing on quality at each stage from contract award through to warranty inspection and end of the warranty period. The course is a MUST to help participants in developing confidence in their construction management skills leading to advancement in their construction career.


SC-003: Project Engineering Fundamentals

This 5 day course will focus on describing and defining the various operational engineering matters undertaken by engineering supervisors and managers which differ significantly from the purely technical demands of project. These matters include organizational, procurement, project and general management, contract, cost, estimating, financial, marketing, sales and schedule matters.


SC-004: EPC Project Controls

This 2 day course will focus on providing the fundamentals of schedule, budget,  risk development, analysis, and control as they apply to modern project management in all environments. These classes are designed to integrate industry best practices & real project experiences with the academia side.