SC-003: Project Engineering Fundamentals

About Instructor


This 5 day course will focus on describing and defining the various operational engineering matters undertaken by engineering supervisors and managers which differ significantly from the purely technical demands of project. These matters include organizational, procurement, project and general management, contract, cost, estimating, financial, marketing, sales and schedule matters.

Workshop Description

This course provides a reference that can be used to guide the engineer in areas that may not be totally familiar to him or her. The course is filled with numerous data to also assist the more experience engineers, supervisors and managers. The course also highlights the various elements and factors that enter into and provide control of the work processes or product.

Who Should Attend

Technical project managers are able to upgrade and expand their current project management skills and knowledge, including earned value and related methods for comprehensive project control and management.
Project engineers and scientists with limited project management experience gain a comprehensive view of available tools and techniques to make their project activities more effective and efficient.
Engineers, designers, and researchers about to be assigned project management responsibilities for the first time receive an intensive introduction to the field.

Learning Objectives

The following topics will be covered in greater detail throughout the course:

  1. The Project
    • Understanding project scope, phases and life cycle
    • Roles and responsibilities of engineers and project managers
  2. The Engineering Process
    • Overview of the engineering process of a typical project.
    • Define design controls to be used by engineers to ensure integrity of design
    • Understand the various types engineering organization structures
  3. Project Operations
    • Fundamentals of Scheduling and Forecasting
    • Understanding Estimating and Cost Control
    • Process of Material Acquisition
    • Project Management Process
    • Overview of International Projects
  4. Professional Practice
    • Proposals
    • Contracts and Legal Considerations
    • Human Resources
    • Business Operations

Delivery Approach and Methodology

A combination of lecture, examples, and interactive sessions will be utilized; providing the attendees with an opportunity to engage in discussions and to participate in an effective learning experience.

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