PEI — Training Courses

Performance Excellence Institute (PEI) offers more than 40 dynamic project management related courses. PEIs unique training methodology is based on an integrated model of: traditional, experiential and performance-based approaches.

PEI uses a systematic approach to training, which allows participants to achieve their overall goal of performance improvement.  This approach leads to enhancement of professional knowledge and skills both at individual and collective levels.

Courses offered by PEI are designed as interactive and dynamic hands-on workshops.
The learning experience is enhanced with real-life interaction, examples, case-studies, assessments, practice and discussions aimed at connecting participants, opening lines of communication, shortening learning curves and elevating thinking.

PEI is a Authorized Training Partner ATP with the Project Management Institute (PMI). The majority of courses offered by PEI are eligible for Professional Development Unit (PDU). These PDUs can be used towards the requirements for maintaining Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

Project Management


PMP Exam Preparation – Virtual Instructor-Led – Online course

PMP certification is Project Managers’ most globally recognized and respected certification credential. The certification attests to your professional commitment and project management expertise. This 13-sessions (3½ hours each) program helps you to achieve your PMP certification in three months by empowering you to pass the PMP exam with high marks, the first time.

Construction Management


CM 01: Construction Project Management

Knowledgeable, skilled and trained project manager is the leader of project teams and a key success factors for any project. There is a lack of properly trained project managers, which explains the large number of unsuccessful projects and enormous costs overruns in many organizations. This workshop is the first step in addressing these issues. Join us to find HOW?


CM 02: Applied Risk Management Workshop

Risk is an integral part of every project. It is important to master how to predict and control risks. Most project managers are working in a reactive mode. They respond very quickly to problems and challenges, and they usually control them after the fact, just like fire fighters. Knowing how to predict and work in a proactive mode is a unique skill that is in demand by all construction companies. This is what this workshop is all about.


CM 03 – Construction Contract Administration Workshop

Did you know that many project managers spend up to 70 % of their time in issues related to contract administration and management, yet it is the least understood part of project management. University of Calgary research indicated 50 to 70% of most owners, contractors and consultants do not read the contract until they experience a problem related to their project. This course sheds specific light on key issues of the construction contract.


CM 04 – Construction dispute prevention and resolution

A Construction project is a complex operation. It usually involves numerous stakeholders with a variety of competing interests. Regardless of whether you are an owner, contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, you need to be aware of why claims arise and how to prevent them from becoming a dispute. You also need to know how to properly submit a claim to make it easy for the receiving party to understand and deal with it. The workshop will equip you with all the above.


CM 05 – Building Quality in Construction Projects

Quality and quality management play a major role in project success and client satisfaction. Producing a quality product and services will also enable us to compete in an unpredictable and volatile markets. Reducing the rework is a great outcome from attending this course. It is also a great competitive advantage


CM 06 – Communications Tools and Techniques for construction offices and sites

Communication skills are critical to an individual’s success in business and personal lives.  Without them dealing with your boss/co-worker in the office or your spouse at home could be a major challenge. Skilful communication results in a collaborative relationship and a synergetic performance leading to profit and continued employment.

Communication Skills


CO-001: Advanced Communication Skills

Communication is much more than actual choice of words or listening skills. Successful project managers must focus their energy on how to convey messages rather than what to say. This 2-3 day advanced course goes beyond the basic communication tools and focuses on three other key areas. It covers understanding non-verbal messages, assumptions and perceptions, and how to selling self and ideas to others.


CO-002: Interpersonal Communication Skills, Tools and Techniques

Communication skills are critical to individual’s success in business and personal life. Without them dealing with your boss / co-worker in the office or your spouse at home will be a major challenge. This communication skills workshop assists participants to communicate effectively with everyone in their life. The outcome is obvious: a collaborative relationship and a synergistic performance resulting in successful relationships.


CO-003: Team Building and Leadership

One of key responsibilities of project managers is to build and lead the project team. This 2-3 day course helps the project manager to handle this tough and challenging job by increasing their competence and confidence in leading teams. The course starts with a quick review of the communication skills to build a positive and constructive environment for teams. Then it focuses on practical and doable skills to enable project managers to develop and lead project team.


CO-004: Effective Win-Win Negotiation Skills

This 3-day negotiation workshop is designed by a senior project manager for the benefit and training of project managers. It is based on many years of negotiations with clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and other key project stakeholders. It is much more than an ordinary negotiation course. The instructor combines academic thinking together with practical application and expert advice to arrive at a course that perfectly fits project environment.

International Courses


Construction Contract Administration Program

A strong understanding and appreciation of the complexities of construction contract administration is a key competency for project managers. Regardless of your technical competencies and organizational skills, contract administration is a must for any owner or contractor to make sure that a project is successful for both sides. If you are connected in any way with contracts, this course is for you.


Interpersonal Skills Program

People skills are critical to the success of any construction project. Without it, even the best-designed project risks failure and inefficiency. Regardless of your position on a project you must be able to communicate clearly and listen effectively to others. This interpersonal skills program is designed for design and construction staff to help them become master communicators. The outcome is obvious, collaborative relationships and synergistic teams’ performance resulting in successful projects.


Project Construction Management Program

A construction project is rewarding only if it is done right. This Project Construction Management Program is all about doing the project right, the first time. Project management principles and techniques are critical to the success of any construction project. Without it, even the best-designed project risks failure and inefficiency. Project Construction Management Program is designed to apply project management tools and techniques to construction projects to help make them efficient and dispute free.


Risk Management Program

Research work has proved that project performance is considerably improved through the use of Risk Management. This is simply because 70 to 90% of the problems encountered on projects are predictable and preventable. Risk analyses at the onset of any project will high light these problems and increase the chances to complete the project successfully. It will also enable Project Managers to reduce the time they spend fighting fires.