CO-001: Advanced Communication Skills

About Instructor


Communication skills are critical to the success of any construction project. Without it, even the best-designed project risks failure and inefficiency. Regardless of your position on a project team, communicating clearly and precisely as well as actively listening is essential. This communication skills workshop will help both the design and construction team members communicate effectively, and with more practice they will become master communicators. The outcome is obvious, a collaborative relationship and a synergistic team’s performance, resulting in successful projects.

Workshop Description

This three-day advanced communication skills workshop presents an in-depth acquaintance with communication tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to deal with clients, contractors, suppliers, and other key project stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed to address the communication needs of project management team members and other project stakeholders. It will benefit Project Managers, Project Officers, Contract Officers, or anyone who is involved in managing any construction project.

Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to
• Produce results through effective communications;
• Enhance trust and communication within a project team;
• Deal effectively with difficult and challenging situations in any projects;
• Reduce and manage project conflicts through proper understanding and appreciation of cultural differences;
• Run project meetings effectively and efficiently.
• Improve communication by appreciating the differences in thinking and understanding between the sexes

Delivery Approach and Methodology

The Workshop is designed to be delivered in a three-day module; however it can be customized depending on the needs of the client (Course can be compressed into two days). It requires the prerequisite workshop Basic Communication Skills.

Communication Skills Survivor Toolbox

Participants will take home a communication tool box. This is a collection of tools that will enable the participants to become master communicators.

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