Interpersonal Skills Program

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People skills are critical to the success of any construction project. Without it, even the best-designed project risks failure and inefficiency. Regardless of your position on a project you must be able to communicate clearly and listen effectively to others. This interpersonal skills program is designed for design and construction staff to help them become master communicators. The outcome is obvious, collaborative relationships and synergistic teams’ performance resulting in successful projects.

Workshop Description

This comprehensive 6-day interpersonal communication skills program focuses on basic communication skills. It is designed by a Senior Project Managers for the benefit and training of project managers. It is based on many years of communicating with difficult and challenging people and situations all relating to project environment. Participants will learn how to deal with project team members, clients, contractors, suppliers, and other key project stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed to address communication needs of project management team members and other project stakeholders. It will benefit Project Managers, Project and Contract Officers, or anyone who is involved in managing any construction project.

Learning Objectives

  1. To identify/explain critical issues relating communication on construction projects
  2. To provide participants with solid communication tools and techniques
  3. To enhance participants’ performance and enable them to become master communicators
  4.  The use of communication skills rather than position power
  5. How to enhance trust and communication within project team
  6. How to deal effectively with difficult situation in any projects
  7. Produce results through effective communications
  8. Use listening skills for maximum effectiveness
  9. Understand and appreciate the importance of body language
  10. Reduce assumption and confirm perceptions
  11. Reduce and manage project conflicts

Delivery Approach and Methodology

The participants will be divided into groups and have the opportunity to practice and apply the tools explained by the facilitator. The facilitator uses practice session, role playing, videos and case studies to achieve the course objects. Participant are expected to practice what they learned and report on the tools’ effectiveness in improving communication with other team members.

The Program is very flexible; it is designed to be delivered in 3-two day workshops or four separate one-day modules and one two-day module. The program time delivery is also flexible; it can be expanded to two or three weeks depending on the needs and availability of participants. Each module starts with a quick review of the previous module through participants reporting on the effectiveness of what was learned in the previous module.


Participants will take home a communication tool box; a collection of check lists, tools and techniques that will enable the participants to become master communicators.
Participants will take home a PM toolbox; a collection of check lists, forms, and schedules that will enable them to plan and execute any project regardless of its type, size or complexity.

Certification Awarded

Program Certification will be issued upon the successful completion of the program.
Performance Excellence is a Global Registered Educational Provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and this course qualifies the participants for 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs). PMP®s need to learn 20 PDUs every year to continue to be in good standing with PMI.

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