CM 02: Applied Risk Management Workshop

About Instructor


Risk is an integral part of every project. It is important to master how to predict and control risks. Most project managers are working in a reactive mode. They respond very quickly to problems and challenges, and they usually control them after the fact, just like fire fighters. Knowing how to predict and work in a proactive mode is a unique skill that is in demand by all construction companies. This is what this workshop is all about.

Workshop Description

This practical two-day workshop introduces the participants to the concepts, principals, processes, and application of risk management to a construction project. The goal is to mitigate or minimize threats and maximize the capture of opportunities during all phases of the project’s life cycle. The workshop enables participants to control their projects (proactive) rather than the traditional approach where the projects are controlling them (reactive)

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed to address issues from the point of view of the key stakeholders, namely owners, designers and users. The workshop will benefit project managers, project officers, contract officers, or anyone who is involved in the administration of construction contracts or anticipates being involved. The workshop will also benefit client representatives or anyone involved in contract administration of construction projects

Learning Objectives

Understand risk management issues and their impact on the project.

  • Develop a detailed risk management plan to guide risk management activities.
  • Perform effective qualitative and quantitative assessments of project risks.
  • Develop a risk register that is complete and accurate.
  • Prepare risk response strategies to control risks and maximize the opportunities.
  • At the completion of this workshop, participants will specifically be able to:
  • Develop office and field risk monitoring and control processes

Delivery Approach and Methodology

  • The workshop is delivered through facilitated lectures, class discussions, individual and group case studies, and exercises.
  • The 2-day course is delivered on-line instructor-Led, live on zoom
  • The sessions are interactive, participants contributions are expected and welcomed
  • Each day is divided into Sections, varies between an hour to two hours
  • Each session includes lecturing c/w examples, learning activities and discussions
  • There is a 10-minute breaks every hour

Applied Risk Management Workshop

Target Audience

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for Project and Construction Managers, senior Line Management, and project team members.

Risk Management TOOLBOX

Participants will take home a risk management “toolbox”. The toolbox is a collection of several check lists, forms, and templates.

Computer System Needed

  • Desktop/laptop is required. Dual monitors are recommended. No phones please.
  • Microphone, speaker, and webcam are required.
  • Be prepared to share your cam to enhance communication and understanding.
  • High speed internet connection is recommended.
  • Familiarity with google documents and sheets are recommended.

Detailed workshop Outline

Day I A

  • Introduction to risk and risk management
  • Personal approach to risk
  • Risk factors and soft issues in managing project risks
  • Risk Breakdown Structure

Day I B

  • Construction key stakeholders’ risks
  • Risk allocation in construction contract
  • Construction risks categories
  • Overview of PMI Risk Model

Day II A

  • Risk Management Planning, setting the tone for the rest of risk management activities
  • Risk Identification Process and the production of Risk Register
  • Risk statement and developing a risk register
  • Types of risk and risk categories

Day II B

  • Qualitative Risk Analysis,
  • Calculating risk allowance and risk contingency amount
  • Strategies for Handling Risks
  • Managing Project Risks

Instructor Bio

  • Fahmy is the president of Performance Excellence Institute (PEI). A training and consulting firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. PEI is specialized in supporting organizations through providing expertise and training in project management, risk management, and communication skills.
  • Fahmy is a P.Eng. PMP, RPM.CCM, CBC+, CSM, DASM, DTM, ATP(PMI). He is a retired adjunct professor from U of A where he taught Construction Project Management, Construction management, Contract Administration, Risk Management, and Interpersonal Communication Skills courses.
  • Fahmy is an international speaker and trainer. He has more than 40 years of hands-on experience covering a wide range of project management topics.
  • Fahmy has a unique interactive approach for delivering workshops and presentation. His depth of practical experience and enthusiasm make his presentations a highly informative, interesting, entertaining learning experience
For more info about the workshop, please call Dr. Sami Fahmy @ 780 990 9943 or email

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