Construction Contract Administration Program

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A strong understanding and appreciation of the complexities of construction contract administration is a key competency for project managers. Regardless of your technical competencies and organizational skills, contract administration is a must for any owner or contractor to make sure that a project is successful for both sides. If you are connected in any way with contracts, this course is for you.

Program Description

This comprehensive 6-day workshop is divided into 3-2 day modules. It is full of actual project examples to support the theoretical material presented based on the instructor’s 30 years of contract administration experience. The course is interactive; students are required to work in teams to solve problems and challenges and be involved in group discussions. The course will also cover the use of several tools that will assist the participants in the efficient use of the course material in real-life situations.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit Project Managers, Project Engineers, Architects, Contract administrators and Officers, Client Representatives, and anyone who is involved in the administration of construction contracts or anticipates being involved.

Learning Objectives

The program will increase the participants’ awareness of the complexities of the construction contract by increasing their understanding and appreciation of the project administration issues. This course emphasizes the role of the contract administrator in preventing problems rather than reacting to them. The course is a MUST to help participants develop confidence in their construction contract administration skills and could lead to advancement in their construction careers.By the end of the program, participants will have a solid understanding of all contract administration issues and will be able to create a detailed and integrated plan for their project c/w project execution and control techniques. The participants will also:

  • Know owners’ and contractors’ rights and obligations to each other
  • Become familiar with the various contract types and their impacts on the contract administration approach
  • Understand the General Conditions of the construction contract and how to interpret and use them properly
  • Understand the key issues in Contract Administration
  • Conduct a well-organized start-up meeting
  • Use the contract administration tools properly
  • Save time and effort by taking correct actions in a timely manner
  • Enforce contract provisions fairly and firmly
  • Take a pro-active approach to prevent contract claims

Delivery Approach and Methodology

This program will be presented as a mixture of lectures and interactive group discussions of real projects to reinforce the participants’ understanding of selected important contract administration issues. The course will present Best Practices from the Owner’s, Contractor’s, and Consultant’s point of view. The groups will have an opportunity to practice and apply all project processes explained by the instructor who will share practical experiences that can be used on real projects. Several contract principles will be explained through the use of case studies and participation in the program’s activities.


Participants will take home a Contract Administration tool box, which is a collection of check lists, forms, standard letters, and meeting agendas that will enable the participants to plan any project.

Certification Awarded

Program Certification will be issued upon the successful completion of the program.
Performance Excellence is a Global Registered Educational Provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and this course qualifies the participants for 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs). PMP®s need to learn 20 PDUs every year to continue to be in good standing with PMI.

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