CM 03 – Construction Contract Administration Workshop

About Instructor


This two-day workshop provides the participants with the knowledge and the skills required to properly manage construction contracts. It gives participants full understanding and the appreciation of contract documents; this allows them to make timely decisions and take calculated risks. It starts with full explanation of the construction contracts focusing on specific key general conditions. The workshop will take the project managers through a journey from the award of construction contract to the warranty inspection and follow-up activities. The workshop is full of real life examples of contract administration issues and challenges.

Who Should Attend

Project Managers, Project Officers, Client Department Representatives involved in Contract Administration. The workshop will also benefit anyone who is involved in the administration of construction contracts or anticipates being involved.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key issues in Contract Administration
  • Conduct a well-organized start-up meeting
  • Use the contract administration tools properly
  • Save time and effort by taking corrective and preventive actions in a timely manner.
  • Enforce contract provisions fairly and firmly
  • Take a pro-active approach to prevent contract disputes


  • The workshop is a mixture of lecturing and interactive group discussion of real projects to reinforce the understanding of selected important contract administration issues.
  • The workshop is full of reallife examples of contract administration issues, challenges and case studies. The course will cover related best practices and lessons learned.
  • The sessions are interactive, participants contributions are expected and welcomed
  • Each day is divided into Sections, varies between an hour to two hours
  • Each session includes lecturing c/w examples, learning activities and group discussions
  • There is a 10-minute breaks every hour


Participants will receive as handouts a collection of standard letters, checklists, and meeting agendas, etc.

Detailed Workshop Topics- Day I

  1. Key components of a Construction Contract
  • Quick review of construction contracts
  • Purpose of construction contract
  • Why disagreement and conflict happens
  • Fundamental risk in construction contracts
  • Allocating risks in construction contracts
  1. Contract Administrative issue
  • Parties’ roles and responsibilities
  • Ten rules for contract interpretation
  • Contract Administration philosophy
  • Key General Conditions

Detailed Workshop Topics- Day II

  1. Post Construction Contract Award Activities
  • Introduction to Contract Administration
  • Contract Award
  • Start-up Meeting
  • Shop Drawings Submission and Review
  • Case Studies Exercises
  • Project Monitoring and Control Issues
  • Safety and Security
  1. Progress, Interim, and final inspection
  • Progress Inspection and Payment
  • Interim and final Certificate
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Contractor and consultant performance evaluation

Instructor Bio

  • Fahmy is the president of Performance Excellence Institute (PEI). A training and consulting firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. PEI is specialized in supporting organizations through providing expertise and training in project management, risk management, and communication skills.
  • Fahmy is a P.Eng. PMP, RPM.CCM, CBC+, CSM, DASM, DTM, ATP(PMI). He is a retired adjunct professor from U of A where he taught Construction Project Management, Construction management, Contract Administration, Risk Management, and Interpersonal Communication Skills courses.
  • Fahmy is an international speaker and trainer. He has more than 40 years of hands-on experience covering a wide range of project management topics.
  • Fahmy has a unique interactive approach for delivering workshops and presentation. His depth of practical experience and enthusiasm make his presentations a highly informative, interesting, entertaining learning experience.
For more info about the workshop, pleaseĀ call Dr. Sami Fahmy @ 780 990 9943 or email

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