PMP Exam Preparation – Virtual Instructor-Led – Online course

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PMP Exam Preparation - Virtual Instructor-Led - Online course

Workshop Description

This 6-day, 12-sessions instructor-led online PMP Exam Prep program provides a detailed review of everything that participants need to pass the PMP exam. The material covers everything from completing exam application form, the 3 PMI new Domains, People, Processes and Business Environment, to actual tips on writing the exam and solving exam questions.

The workshop is delivered by Dr. Sami Fahmy of Performance Excellence Institute (PEII)

The workshops focus on PMI terminology and PMIisms as it relates to the 3 new domains: People, Processes, and Business Environment. The goal is to get participants ready for passing the exam from first trial. Although the workshop is intended to help participants write and pass the exam, participants will get a large dose of practical experience as well as some principles to help them in their day-to-day project management work (See detailed workshop topics below)

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to prepare new and intermediate project managers and project team members to pass the PMP Certification Exam with high marks. The workshop also perfectly fits the needs of individuals who are interested in learning more about PMI’s approach to project management.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this program is to prepare participants to write and pass the PMP exam. In addition to mastering the required exam skills, participants will develop advanced-level management skills. The workshop focuses on explaining PMI terminology, people-oriented approaches, processes and tasks and business terminology. The approach makes it easy for participants to understand and appreciate the new terminology used by PMI.

Delivery Approach and Methodology

  • The program is 6 days Long = 42 hours long. Much more than the required 35 hours to qualify for the exam. The program is divided into 12- 3 ½ sessions or modules. This is done purposely in order to ease the participants into the topics and to familiarize them with the effective utilization of project management skills.
  • PEI uses PMI provided material to teach participants the necessary knowledge and tools required to pass the exam.
  • The program provides a detailed review of everything that the participants need to pass the exam. In addition to PMI knowledge and tools, the workshop covers PMP exam application form, a review of all math formulas and actual tips on writing the exam. See detailed exam prep. Workshop outline
  • The workshops focus on PMI terminology and processes (American), comparing them with Canadian industry terminology.
  • Dr. Sami creates a highly interactive learning environment, participants are grouped in virtual team round table seating which encourages group discussions. Participants are encouraged to challenge each other in a friendly and constructive manner.


  1. The workshop is delivered by Dr. Sami Fahmy, who is approved Authorize Training Partner (ATP) by PMI
  2. Dr. Fahmy has been teaching PMI material for more than two decades
  3. Each session is composed of 3 ½ hours, there will be 2-10 minutes breaks.
  4. Each session includes few questions. This will help the participants absorb and understand the exam material.
  5. Dr. Fahmy will use breakout rooms to divide the group into teams, use polls to get participants feedback and group and team discussions to enhance understanding.

Additional PMP Workshop Information:

  • Sami Fahmy is the founder and president of the Performance Excellence Institute, a Project Management consulting firm dedicated to teaching and supporting the latest and most advanced approaches to Project and Construction Management.
  • Fahmy is a Civil Engineer by education and a Project Manager through education and training. He has 40+ years of PM practical experience covering a wide range of Project Management and technical areas, including 30 years with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), where he led the training of 150 Project Managers.
  • Fahmy’s enthusiasm for teaching makes him a highly informative, interactive, and entertaining educator. He is one of Alberta’s most in-demand construction educators. He has taught workshops (including workshops at the graduate-level) for NAIT, the University of Calgary, and the University of Alberta.
  • He was a Global Registered Educational Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute for two decades. He is now Authorized Training Provider (ATP)
  • He is former president of PMI Norther Alberta Charter. He also served on the board for few years.
  • For more Info on Dr. Sami, please visit:
  • Dr. Sami Fahmy is accredited as an Authorized training partner (ATP) by PMI. PMI accreditation means that he had completed specialized PMI training from PMI to prepare him to deliver the PMI-provided workshop materials and that he had passed PMI exam on their knowledge of the PMP® exam, the PMI workshop, and his knowledge of alternate project management practices like agile and hybrid approaches.


Workshop Fees

The 6-day workshop fees is C$1,599.00 plus GST.

Sessions First Second Third General notes
Jan-Mar. April to June Oct-Dec. Using zoom

All day Saturday with 3 hours lunch break

1 January 28 April 08 October 07
2 February 11 April 22 October 21
3 February 25 May 13 November 04
4 March 11th May 27 November 18
5 March 25th June 10 December 02
6 April 1st June 24 December 16

Contact Dr. Sami Fahmy for more info on any specific date

PEII can also deliver the PMP workshops for your organization on site and on your specific dates at your convenience


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