CO-002: Interpersonal Communication Skills, Tools and Techniques

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Communication skills are critical to individual’s success in business and personal life. Without them dealing with your boss / co-worker in the office or your spouse at home will be a major challenge. This communication skills workshop assists participants to communicate effectively with everyone in their life. The outcome is obvious: a collaborative relationship and a synergetic performance resulting in successful relationships.

Workshop Description

This comprehensive two-day communication skills workshop presents an in-depth coverage of communication tools and techniques. It is designed to address the needs of team members and is based on many years of communicating within a difficult team environment in challenging situations. The course covers four key topics: It starts with an understanding of oneself then, moves on to an introduction of communication, then focuses on speaking skills, and ends with detailed coverage of effective listening skills.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed to address the communication needs of team members and other stakeholders. It will benefit employees, employers, supervisors, assistants, and other team member positions.

Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to
• Produce results through effective communications
• Communicate effectively with co-workers, managers, friends, spouses, parents, in a manner that promotes understanding and reduces stress and tension
• Use communication skills rather than position power to achieve organizational and personal goals
• Enhance trust and communication within a team environment
• Relate effectively with difficult and challenging situations in any work situation
• Use listening skills for maximum effectiveness in building relationships
• Reduce and control team conflicts

Delivery Approach and Methodology

Participants will be given opportunities to practice what they learned via in class exercises as well as homework assignments. The facilitator uses video, practice sessions, role playing, and case studies to achieve the course objectives. Participants are expected to practice what they learned outside the class and report on the tools’ effectiveness in improving communication with others.

This course is the first module of a communication Program designed to be delivered in three- two-day modules. The first two days focus on basic communication skills; the second two days address advanced communication skills and the last two days focus on the applications of the tools learned in the first four days to real life situations. Each module starts with a review of the previous module through participants reporting on the effectiveness of what was learned in the previous module. Each module ends with a homework assignment to assist participants in their applications of the tools and techniques learned. Although not a prerequisite, It is recommended to attend the Basic Communication Skills Workshop.

Communication Skills Survivor Toolbox

Participants will take home two key documents:

  • A cheat Sheet: A summary of all the key messages discussed in the workshop
  • Communication tool box. This is a collection of speaking and listening tools that will enable the participants to become master communicators.

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