1 – Communication skills to reduce conflict

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Delivery Date: First Friday of each month  | 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM MDT | Online with Zoom

Fees: $145 (+GST)


Impactful speaking abilities lead to collaborative relationship and synergetic performance. Most people think, to speak, all you have to do is to open your month and the words will flow out flawlessly. Unfortunately, this is not true. This approach creates conflict.

We all need to remember that, it is not WHAT you say it is HOW you say it. You need to speak with clarity and thoughtfulness. This is what this course is all about. Join us to find out for yourself.

This half day practical virtual and live course provides the participants with all the Tools and practice they need to become strong and confident communicators.

A related video will be played to help participants focus on critical issues.

What will be covered? Here is the agenda

  1. Self-awareness, personal strengths and weaknesses
  2. The importance of communication in our life
  3. Understanding communication skills and Communication Model(CM)
  4. Barriers to good communication
  5. How to speak so people will listen
  6. Key issues to consider when speaking
  7. Speaking effectively and non-defensively (video)
  8. 12 speaking tools and techniques

How will you benefit? Upon course completion you will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with everyone in a manner that promotes understanding and reduces stress and tension for both parties
  • Enhance trust and communication among project team members
  • Chose the right words that create the right impact
  • Produce positive results through effective communication with everyone
  • Relate effectively with difficult and challenging situations

Success Toolkit

Participants will leave the course with summaries and checklists as records of their activities and as a references for future use.

Duration 3.5 Hours

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