5 – Cultural Competency and Intelligence to reduce conflict

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Delivery Date: third Friday of each month | 8.30 AM -12.00 PM | Online with Zoom

Fees: $145 (+GST)


Are you culturally intelligent? Culture awareness is a key success factor in working as a  team. Cultural competencies boost your ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people from different cultures.  If you need a boost to help you work successfully with people from different cultures, this short course will fill this need.

This half day virtual and lively short course addresses many issues that create conflict in relationships. Participants will have ample opportunities to practice what they learned in the class through the use of all discussions and case studies.

What will be covered? Here is the agenda

  1. Defining diversity, biases and stereotyping
  2. Understanding own limitations, attitudes, cultural values
  3. Understanding cultural differences
  4. Cross-culture sensitivity and competency
  5. Benefit of cultural diversity
  6. Strategies to reduce conflict in a multicultural work environment

How will you benefit? Upon course completion you will be able to:

  • How to deal with different cultural point of references,
  • Describe the challenge facing any leaders in Multi-cultural team environment
  • Maximize the cultural sensitivity when working in a team environment
  • Avoid misunderstandings based on cultural differences

Success Toolkit

Participants will leave the course with summaries and checklists as records of their activities and references for future use.

Duration 3.5 Hours

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