8 – Difficult situations made Easy to handle

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Delivery Date: Fourth Friday of each month | 8:30 AM -12:00 PM | Online with Zoom

Fees: $145 (+GST)


Do you have a difficult person in your life, it is important to remember that people are different NOT difficult? We all face several types of difficult behaviors on a daily basis. Unfortunately most people have no training in handling difficult situation and then the difficult situation becomes even more difficult.

This course is about how to help you enjoy life by giving you the tools and techniques to help you make difficult situations more manageable.

This half day practical virtual and lively course explains several techniques for managing most difficult situations. This will allow you to have a peaceful life.

What will be covered? Here is the agenda

  1. Defining difficult behavior
  2. People are different NOT difficult
  3. Seven difficult behaviours and how to handle them
  4. Review and use of DOPE personality types
  5. Video presentation
  6. Triggers for different behaviour
  7. Assertiveness and coping skills
  8. Handling emotionally charged situations
  9. Practical applications

How will you benefit? Upon course completion you will be able to:

  • Understand why difficult situation happens
  • Learn how to respond tactfully when faced with tension or disagreement
  • List and explain five coping skills
  • Use appropriate speaking and listening skills to reduce the difficulty of the situation
  • Build relationships and use effective coping skills

Success Toolkit

Participants will leave the course with summaries and checklists as records of their activities and references for future use.

Duration 3.5 Hours

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