2 – Actively listening to reduce misunderstanding

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Delivery Date: First Friday of each month |  1:00pm – 4:30pm | Online with Zoom

Fees: $145 (+GST)


Most people listen to respond, instead of listen to understand. Do you have the tools and skills to listen well and with intention? When was the last time you thought after a conversation I wish I listened more closely? Listening is the best gift you can give in any of your relationships.

This half day practical, virtual and lively course provides participants with all the tools and practice that they need to be active and focused listeners. The presenter uses practical examples and case studies, along with a video to enhance participants’ understanding of listening skills.

What will be covered? Here is the agenda

  1. The importance of listening
  2. Difference between listening and hearing
  3. Why we should listen actively
  4. Video presentation
  5. Barriers to effective listening
  6. Guidelines for active listening
  7. 12 Tools for active listening
  8. Practical Applications

How will you benefit? Upon course completion you will be able to:

  • Focus on being an effective and active listener
  • Recognise and Remove barriers to listening
  • Capitalize on listening skills rather than positional power to achieve your goals
  • Employ listening skills for maximum effectiveness in building relationships
  • List and explain the use of the 12 listening tools

Success Toolkit

Participants will leave the course with summaries and checklists as records of their activities and references for future use.

Duration 3.5 Hours

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