Team Building Skills

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Building healthy and effective teams in workplaces is essential to survive changes, challenges and to complete projects successfully. Regardless of what you do, each one of us is part of a team. As a team, our level of success is directly dependent upon how well we work together. Working as a team adds synergy i.e 1+1 =3. Healthy and resilient teams will be most prepared for an economic challenges and ongoing organizational dynamics.

What will be covered? Here is the agenda

In this session, Dr. Sami Fahmy, shares with us his proven approaches to address team challenges related to communication, trust, synergy, relationship, accountability, process, and results. He will also cover:

  • Stages of team maturity
  • Team Make-up
  • Characteristics of a good team
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • How do you know you are there?

How will you benefit? Upon course completion you will be able to:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the value of working as a team
  2. Identify team building blocks
  3. Explain the Team maturity stages
  4. Identify ways to improve team performance
  5. Prevent and resolve Conflict if they happen


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Duration 75 min

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