CA-001: Construction Contract Administration

About Instructor


This three-day negotiation workshop is designed by a senior project manager for the benefit and training of project managers. It is based on many years of negotiations with clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and other key project stakeholders. It is much more than an ordinary negotiation course. The instructor combines academic thinking together with practical application and expert advice to arrive at a course that fits project environment perfectly.

Workshop Description

The workshop is designed to assist the project managers in evaluating their current negotiating strengths and also help them discover many opportunities for learning and growth. The workshop provides participants with the basic skills, principles, and techniques used in project negotiation. The focus is on understanding the negotiation process and the planning for it. The instructor allows ample time for discussion and practice by the participants. The goal is to exchange ideas and experiences regarding negotiation with workshop participants.

Who Should Attend

The course is specifically designed for project managers working on behalf of owners, contractors and consultants. It is also helpful for owner representatives, and any individual involved in client & customer negotiations

Learning Objectives

This 3-day course provides the proper skills and techniques that project managers need to negotiate with team members, sponsors, steering committees, vendors and clients. They will specifically learn:

  • Practical skills that will work in the real world of project management
  • Specific negotiation defaults or tendencies
  • The difference between positional and interest-based negotiation
  • How to handle difficult and challenging negotiations
  • Practical techniques of successful project negotiations
  • How to develop the thought process required to plan, conduct, control, and succeed at negotiations.
  • How to strategize and prepare for contract negotiations,
  • Proven techniques for conducting a negotiation session,
  • To appreciate their strengths and use them to their advantage at the negotiation table

Delivery Approach and Methodology

The first day of the workshop will be devoted to a detailed review of the communication skills as it applies to negotiations. The second day focuses on learning practical approaches to negotiation theories and application. The third day focuses on application of the skills learned in the first two days to real life negotiation sessions.

The workshop uses a unique participatory approach that combines academic lecturing with group projects, discussions, case studies, role play exercises. The goal is to have a two way learning, from the instructor and from other workshop participants as well.

Communication Skills Survivor Toolbox

Participants will leave this workshop with a tool box of practical approaches to handle all types of negotiations. The smart use of these tools will give participants the confidence and the skills they need to negotiate effectively and efficiently with any project stakeholder.

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